This master plan is the basis for a highly successful development of the total area of Song Cau, Phu Yen.

The plan contains a generic approach which is not solely concerned with allocating buildings and functions but has a higher purpose of supporting the local authorities and population, the numberous staff of the project as well as its international guests with ideas and concepts for Song Cau town, Phu Yen province.

The selected approach is not just a long list of technical and financial details, but much more an explanation of how to achieve a world reputation for Song Cau. If executed well, Phu Yen province will become the most exciting and high end destination of Vietnam and South-East Asia.

Ban Do Phu Yen 1

The master plan serves several objectives:

– It analyzed all weaknesses for the development based on the actual status of Phu Yen Province and Vietnam as tourism country to find means and measures to deal with these hindernesses.

– It identities the potential and the requirements to achieve these potentials.

– It formulates the combination of attractions that ensure a special character for the Song Cau Town.

– It ensures a combination of partners that can guarantee the realization of the defined master plan.

– It wishes to ensure the support of the authorities related to the Song Cau area, to ensure their understanding and assistance in supporting and guiding the development.